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Do you have a great New Orleans T-Shirt idea? We would love to make it one of our NOLA T-Shirts of the Month! By Submitting your design to NOLA T-SHIRT CLUB for being printed and sold you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Designs will be chosen for printing and selling at the sole discretion of the NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB staff. 

If your design is selected by the NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB staff to be printed and sold you acknowledge that you are assigning the entire interest, right, and title, to and in the copyright in your design to NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB. You will no longer have the right to sub-license the design to any other company. The design becomes the sole and exclusive use on and in connection with the NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB. 

If your design is chosen, NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB may use your design in any manner it chooses including but not limited to: selling design on t-shirts, on our website & local festivals, reproducing your design onto a variety of select items. You are also granting permission to NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB to perform any changing, modifying, or reworking of the design by making size or color changes, building off the design to create other similar designs, using the design on the NOLATSHIRTCLUB.COM web site and on promotional marketing material for NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB. 

You acknowledge that any t-shirt design submitted to NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB is by you is your original artwork, contains no copyrighted or trademarked images, logos, slogans,words or the intellectual property, that has not been previously published or sold anywhere else, and does not contain any content the could be deemed inappropriate or offense by the NOLA T-Shirt Club staff.

If your t-shirt design is selected for printing and selling you will receive:

  • $100 payment sent through PayPal
  • 10 FREE t-shirts with your design on them in your choice of sizes
  • Artist acknowledgement on our website & social media platforms including your name, facebook account & instagram account & website. 

NOLA T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB reserves the right to change the above payment terms at any time, by posting the changes on the web site, and these changes will be effective immediately upon posting. 

Email your design to nolatshirtclub@gmail.com. Please submit all designs preferably in ESP format or PDF, JPG or PNG.